Career Fair : Networking Gold Mine or Waste of Time BONUS BONUS BONUS

Career Fairs happen all over the state of Indiana all the time.  These fairs are mostly for junior and seniors in college. When I say mostly for upperclassmen in college, that does not mean other can not attend the event.  This only means that most of the students that will be attending will be in that category. Ever since I was a sophomore in college I have been attending career fairs. My first career event was located downtown Indianapolis.  When I arrived and saw hundreds of employers, I did not know what to think or do. I felt overwhelmed so I left back to where other students were preparing their resumes and their outfits to gather myself and talk with some people. Once I gathered myself I went in and approached an employer, and from there I had to think on my feet. I had introduce myself, tell them about myself, and see what they can do to help me. This was the beginning of me networking myself to many of people and why I believe that everyone should start going to career fairs as much as possible.

The most recent career fair I went to was a success because I have been to the career fair before and I saw employers that I spoke with before and they remember me. Just saying hello, nice to meet you, and asking them how they can help you can go a long way in today society because it is about who you know.   The three businesses I spoke with specifically because I had good interactions were Coca-Cola , Northwestern Mutual, and Indiana State Police. My Father worked for Coca-Cola for 14 years and they actually remembered and messaged him the other day saying we really like your son and we could see him doing good things in our company. Northwestern Mutual set up an interview with me and Indiana State Police said they would love for me to fill out an internship application because I have great qualities.


One thought on “Career Fair : Networking Gold Mine or Waste of Time BONUS BONUS BONUS

  1. You’re right, career fairs can be really intimidating if you are a student seeking employment or internships. Networking is essential, and I wish I would have done more of it during my time here at ISU. One thing that helped me not be nervous was coming up with two goals I wanted to achieve and stating those goals to every potential employer I talked to. Apparently it worked because I received 6 blue tickets (lol). I am glad the career fair proved itself to be beneficial to you and wish you the best of luck with your interview!


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