WHY ohhhh WHY do WE need RESEARCH in PR?

prWhen people think about Public Relations, they think that PR people just stand around and make sure everything is going good. PR is more intentional then just making sure everything in the company is going efficiently. One of the key responsibilities that PR employees have to find is research
Public relation professionals have many responsibilities to make sure that the concern at hand is running good, and that they are keeping the right image the company wants to show. PR professionals just do research to figure out what is out there in the market, and what they can do to gain more customers, or ideas, or even ways to make their company more respectful. Formal research is the organized gathering, analyzing, and valuing of data, whether be it quantitative or qualitative. Informal research is the observing of people, events, or objects of interest normally through qualitative methods.
When PR employers are dealing with clients, the best way to get to know the client is not just by listening to what they have to say; but also research their client so that they can see what they are about, and what their morals are. PR people have to help events, or sales, or anything that the company is trying to reach out to the public about, they have to research about the market first. It important to research about the market before you put anything out there because if the market is not acceptable to the bosses, or even your customers, then you will be in a very bad spot, and it will lose money in the long run. Research also plays a role when it comes to posting things on social media. Social Media in the 21st century is the key to knowing your market. This is why you have to research. This will save lots of stress in the long run.

Comment #2- Yes, I really liked that you said, “Without proper research it would be nearly impossible to build relationships in business or regain the interest of publics”. This is so true nowadays because without research we would not be able to efficiently know our market. Thankfully we have social media nowadays. February 23,2015

name of article:  Why Research is Important to PR  author:Kayla Sinders


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