Welcome to “Good Blogger” home of “Good Blogger” can I take your order?

Blogging in the 21st century can be very simple but can get out of hand if you allow it to consume you. When blogging make sure you always want to be professional about each situation you are blogging about. The more professional you are the more respect you receive from colleagues, family, and other people that are in search for blogs your caliber. Reading different articles about how to be a good blogger in “PR” several ways came up. The main way to become a good blogger I saw was when you are writing and citing where you received your sources you want to have the correct hyperlink. This means double and triple check your hyperlink before submitting it. If you really want to triple check your hyperlinks which I advise you do, I would get on a separate computer and log on and find your article and click on the hyperlink. If you want to be a ranked blogger in the world, you will have to spend some money because let’s face it we all have lives to tend to and we are not famous. Famous people have fewer struggles to go through in order to get their blogs seen. The struggles we go through as “bloggers” are that most times we go off on different subject while we are trying to stay on topic. Staying on topic can make or break us as “bloggers”. Staying on topic can lead to more people following us on social media sites and following us on our blogs. Our followers can make or break us as “bloggers” because if we do all this writing and no one sees it we did all this work for nothing. If we have good followers they will spread the word of my blog page to all their family and friends. Networking is the key to all good bloggers. This means that the more people we know and connect with the more viewers I will have reading the blogs I post. http://www.cloudliving.com/how-to-build-a-high-pr-blog-network/


2 thoughts on “Welcome to “Good Blogger” home of “Good Blogger” can I take your order?

  1. I really like this blog and the link you put on here, because I don’t now how all of this blogging works. This is going to be very helpful to other people that may be in the same position I am in.


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