Career Fair : Networking Gold Mine or Waste of Time BONUS BONUS BONUS

Career Fairs happen all over the state of Indiana all the time.  These fairs are mostly for junior and seniors in college. When I say mostly for upperclassmen in college, that does not mean other can not attend the event.  This only means that most of the students that will be attending will be in that category. Ever since I was a sophomore in college I have been attending career fairs. My first career event was located downtown Indianapolis.  When I arrived and saw hundreds of employers, I did not know what to think or do. I felt overwhelmed so I left back to where other students were preparing their resumes and their outfits to gather myself and talk with some people. Once I gathered myself I went in and approached an employer, and from there I had to think on my feet. I had introduce myself, tell them about myself, and see what they can do to help me. This was the beginning of me networking myself to many of people and why I believe that everyone should start going to career fairs as much as possible.

The most recent career fair I went to was a success because I have been to the career fair before and I saw employers that I spoke with before and they remember me. Just saying hello, nice to meet you, and asking them how they can help you can go a long way in today society because it is about who you know.   The three businesses I spoke with specifically because I had good interactions were Coca-Cola , Northwestern Mutual, and Indiana State Police. My Father worked for Coca-Cola for 14 years and they actually remembered and messaged him the other day saying we really like your son and we could see him doing good things in our company. Northwestern Mutual set up an interview with me and Indiana State Police said they would love for me to fill out an internship application because I have great qualities.


Ethics : Love / Hate relationship

When I think of Ethics, I think of Enron who end up going bankrupt because of poor ethical choices. Enron showed the whole world why we need ethics in the work place. Ethics is  principles or beliefs but which can differ from individual to individual. Even then certain ethics are applicable to every person, organization, state and nation and which have to be strictly followed to maintain the balance of right and wrong in the society.  Enron took the next step in hiring a new CEO, Jeffrey Skilling who helped developed an accounting scheme that hid billions of dollars that came from failed projects inside the company. “Ethical explanations centered on executive greed and hubris, a lack of corporate social responsibility, situation ethics, and get-it-done business pragmatism” They was worried about their short term greed instead of their shareholders. This case is arguable the biggest malpractice of a companies ethics in history. Ethics is needed in the work place because it holds individuals and businesses to a higher standards. Ethical guidelines in the workplace should be reviewed monthly because just as we saw Enron fall, any business can fall. Public Relation specialist can only do so much for a company before they cannot do anything else for the company. “Enron shows us what a company and its leadership are capable of, when they are obsessed with making profits at any cost. One of Enron’s lasting effects was the creation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which tightened disclosure and increased the penalties for financial manipulation. Second, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) substantially raised its levels of ethical conduct. Third, boards of directors became more independent, monitoring the audit companies and quickly replacing bad managers. While these effects are reactive, they are important to spot and close the loopholes that companies have used, as a way to avoid accountability.”(Investopedia)

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Comment on Lauren England: March 3:  When businesses do so much “bad” people are very hard to forgive. Sometimes a sincere apology never works even if it is thought out well. The problem with this company was that they did not come out up front and announce they made a mistake.People tend to forgive more companies and or people when they apologize up front.

WHY ohhhh WHY do WE need RESEARCH in PR?

prWhen people think about Public Relations, they think that PR people just stand around and make sure everything is going good. PR is more intentional then just making sure everything in the company is going efficiently. One of the key responsibilities that PR employees have to find is research
Public relation professionals have many responsibilities to make sure that the concern at hand is running good, and that they are keeping the right image the company wants to show. PR professionals just do research to figure out what is out there in the market, and what they can do to gain more customers, or ideas, or even ways to make their company more respectful. Formal research is the organized gathering, analyzing, and valuing of data, whether be it quantitative or qualitative. Informal research is the observing of people, events, or objects of interest normally through qualitative methods.
When PR employers are dealing with clients, the best way to get to know the client is not just by listening to what they have to say; but also research their client so that they can see what they are about, and what their morals are. PR people have to help events, or sales, or anything that the company is trying to reach out to the public about, they have to research about the market first. It important to research about the market before you put anything out there because if the market is not acceptable to the bosses, or even your customers, then you will be in a very bad spot, and it will lose money in the long run. Research also plays a role when it comes to posting things on social media. Social Media in the 21st century is the key to knowing your market. This is why you have to research. This will save lots of stress in the long run.

Comment #2- Yes, I really liked that you said, “Without proper research it would be nearly impossible to build relationships in business or regain the interest of publics”. This is so true nowadays because without research we would not be able to efficiently know our market. Thankfully we have social media nowadays. February 23,2015

name of article:  Why Research is Important to PR  author:Kayla Sinders

Welcome to “Good Blogger” home of “Good Blogger” can I take your order?

Blogging in the 21st century can be very simple but can get out of hand if you allow it to consume you. When blogging make sure you always want to be professional about each situation you are blogging about. The more professional you are the more respect you receive from colleagues, family, and other people that are in search for blogs your caliber. Reading different articles about how to be a good blogger in “PR” several ways came up. The main way to become a good blogger I saw was when you are writing and citing where you received your sources you want to have the correct hyperlink. This means double and triple check your hyperlink before submitting it. If you really want to triple check your hyperlinks which I advise you do, I would get on a separate computer and log on and find your article and click on the hyperlink. If you want to be a ranked blogger in the world, you will have to spend some money because let’s face it we all have lives to tend to and we are not famous. Famous people have fewer struggles to go through in order to get their blogs seen. The struggles we go through as “bloggers” are that most times we go off on different subject while we are trying to stay on topic. Staying on topic can make or break us as “bloggers”. Staying on topic can lead to more people following us on social media sites and following us on our blogs. Our followers can make or break us as “bloggers” because if we do all this writing and no one sees it we did all this work for nothing. If we have good followers they will spread the word of my blog page to all their family and friends. Networking is the key to all good bloggers. This means that the more people we know and connect with the more viewers I will have reading the blogs I post.